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Why You Can't Afford to Skip a Campaign Audit Report?

Ineffective Campaigns

Wasted Ad Spend


Poor Targeting

Keyword Challenges


Poor Targeting

Data Driven Performance - Matric Audit Analiysis

Optimize Your Campaigns

Reduce Ads Costs

Maximize ROI

Enhance Audience Targeting

Improve Keyword Strategy

Maximize ROI

This audit report provides a comprehensive assessment of Your brand’s performance on Amazon and offers actionable recommendations to improve advertising campaigns, product listings, and brand presence. It should serve as a valuable resource for optimizing the brand's presence and sales on the platform.

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Brands - We Work With


Gaurav Singh.

One of the most trusted partner for our success. We have been connected since july 2023 and the result & response are more than satisfactory. The sales keep growing the day they started working the campaign.

Ayushi Cosmetics.

BM does what they commit and share the plan, the weekly and monthly review really helped us and the sales starts picking.

Sharon guillen.

Great service and communication. They really care about your success.

Melinda Bonk .

We were struggling with PPC and BM helped increased the sales. i am very happy to have there team. I highly recommend them. We hired other firms that were not as good as BM.

Amazon Seller

BM Consulting have done commendable job on my account. I could see the drop in ACoS% which has been my area of concern. Cheers!

iProducts US LLC

We started cooperation with BM Consulting 8 months ago, and they did a FANTASTIC job. Our ACOS reduced to 20%-25% from 40%-45% after they took care of all of our campaigns. We have good communication, they reply quickly and take action in 1-2 days once we email or text them. Thank you BM Consulting for your wonderful service!

Catalyzing Success: 88% of Accounts Experience a Positive Campaign Impact in Just 45 Days

The Power of Audit Report Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Goal-Setting:
Achieving Success Against All Odds

20 - 40%

Average ACoS Decrease

50 - 90%

Time Saved From Ad Operation

20 - 40%

Average ROAS Increase

30 - 50%

Average Sales Increase

Awards & Recognition

Service Ka Hero Sponsored Products 2019

Service Provider Of the Year 2018

Advertising Optimization 2016

Advertising Optimization 2017

SPN Champions Revenue 2021

Advertising Optimization 2017

Free Amazon Campaign Audit Report

Amazon advertisers commonly face a range of challenges when managing their advertising campaigns.

  • Reduce Advertising Costs
  • Identify Under-performing ASINs
  • Maximize Return on Investment
  • Improve Keyword Strategy
  • Save Time and Gain Insights
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